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Before he became William the conqueror, the future king of England was called the William the Bastard, because he was born as a result of an extra marital affair between his mother Herleva and Robert I, the Duke of Normandy. The extra marital affair is interesting because though there have been great advances in technology in the last thousand years,rulers and security agencies especially continue to be involved in extramarital affairs, making fake claims that the women they have extra marital affairs with, own this and other websites, forcing the real domain investor to post disclaimers regarding the website ownership.

There is some confusion regarding the year in which Herleva was born some claim that she was born in 1003 while others claim that she was born in 1010. Her father Fulbert of Falaise was a tanner, and she was an ordinary Norman woman. She started her extramarital affair with Robert I at a young age had at least two children, William (born in 1028) and his sister Adelaide, with Robert I, Duke of Normandy

Like the indian intelligence and security agencies who are infatuated mainly with very young women in their early twenties and get bored of them after they become older, it appears that this attitude has not changed in the last one thousand years. After Herleva become older she was married off to the Herluin de Conteville,who was also a noble. She had several children with Conteville, Robert, Odo of Bayeux, Isabella de Burgo, Muriel Burgo, Emma de Conteville.

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