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Another major source of information about the Norman Conquest is the Domesday book. Since William the conquerer required funds for his army, he decided to find out the actual land holdings in the country, the income of the people, so that he could demand contributions accordingly. Hence a survey of the country was ordered in 1085 and completed in 1086 in about one year despite the lack of technological tools. It remains the most comprehensive land records of the period. After his victory, William had distributed most of the land in the country, to the lords who supported him in his war and only a few areas were controlled by the Anglo Saxons. This shows that he was a very just king, only those who had more land, assets and revenues were expected to contribute more to the army.

A thousand year later, though India officially claims that it is a democracy, the government agencies do not treat citizens fairly, openly, cheating exploiting hardworking honest citizens to make the rich even richer, while those who are from poor communities are mercilessly cheated, robbed and exploited.

While William the conqueror more than a thousand years ago, decided that those who have more money should contribute more, the indian government openly denies justice to citizens, especially in the indian internet sector. Usually the rich are expected to contribute more, only in the indian internet sector, the rich refuse to pay any money for domains, yet fraud indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata support the greedy miserly rich in cheating, exploiting those who make very less money.

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While most people agree that life is better than it was a thousand years, for some indian citizens due to the complete lack of social justice, the government, tech and internet companies refuse to ask the very rich to contribute, while only the poor are expected to pay their own share, and also pay on behalf of the greedy miserly rich like raw employee amita patel who do not want to pay money for domains, yet get credit, monthly salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, who is making almost no money. This clearly shows that governance in India is worse than in England during the rule of William the conqueror a thousand years ago.

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